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While most people have know me for print, web and video design, my original visual obsession is photography. Shooting for more then 25 years, my photos have appeared in many juried photography shows across the country and my digital imagery in many books and magazines. With the advent of mobile photography my work has taken two distinct looks.

This site shows my traditional and mobile dichotomy.

While I think there are some similarities in my mobile and traditional images there are many situations that the higher detail and tonal range of a DSLR or film camera really make the picture work. The images in the traditional section of this site are unmanipulated and taken with a variety of formats.

I discovered iPhoneography several years ago and have become a victim of the "Mobile Movement". This resulted in the writing the very first book on the "App Stacking" process and 4 subsequent eBooks you can find in iTunes. This series has become know as the best on the subject.

Shooting mobile forces me to think more graphically. It is like shooting with a Polaroid or toy film camera. But the simplicity of shooting and spontaneity of processing allow the work to become more interpretive. My iPhoneography work is a blend of my traditional photos and design work.

Please enjoy and let me know what side you like more! Dan Marcolina